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Song Premiere: Two Headed Girl – Get Slow (2019)

Two Headed Girl
Two Headed Girl at Noelke Gallery in Downtown Torrington

UHart based Two Headed Girl is the indie rock project of twin sisters Angelica and Celeste Padua and Cam Pulaski. Last year, the trio released their debut EP, With Sadness, a solid collection of queer, emotive indie rock with a touch of mathy guitar work.

Today, we are happy to share a new song from the Two Headed Girl, “Get Slow.” It is the first preview of the trio’s upcoming EP, Resolution.

Two Headed Girl - Resonation (2019)
Two Headed Girl – Resonation (2019)

Like the duality of the band’s namesake, “Get Slow” embraces two different sides of the Two Headed Girl. Posturing classic alt rock quiet-loud dynamics, the verses of the new track are somber and airy, with ample open space that accentuates pretty harmonies and Pulaski’s ability to fill in that open space with tasteful percussive accents.

This attention to detail makes the inevitable shift into its punky, emotive chorus even more rewarding. Reflecting the band’s new appreciation for fine tuning their music, the final stretch of the song revisits its refrain in a different way, shaking up its rhythm with punchy, cymbal-laden crescendos.

Resonation is out officially on December 1st. Listen to and check out the music video for “Get Slow” by Two Headed Girl below:


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