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On Repeat: Fleurs – Shut Up (2019)

Fleurs - Shut Up (2019)
Fleurs – Shut Up (2019)

New Haven indie rock band Fleurs is the gothic garage rock project of Alexander Falconer. Today, Fleurs has released their new album, Shut Up. It is their first since 2018’s Life of The Appetite.

Building on the styles Fleurs has been embracing since their inception, Shut Up takes everything that Fleurs did well on their first album and amplifies it. The guitars are grittier. The instrumental composition is more intricate and multi-parted.  The lyrics, already morbid, dark romanticism, verge on maniacal surrealism.

Fleurs at The State House in New Haven

Beyond the sheer American gothic aesthetic of the music, one of Fleurs’ greatest assets is again Falconer’s vocal instrument. With the ability to transform from a cool, detached baritone to a raving and unhinged growl, Falconer’s performance is unnervingly top notch.

There is a strange juxtaposition between Fleurs degenerate rock style. On one hand, its urban gothic sprawl of distorted, perverse hedonism is perpetually falling apart. But on the other, Fleurs seems to be in full command of their aesthetic as if the chaos is what’s keeping its character alive.

Listen to Shut Up by Fleurs on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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