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Kidz Bop Made Woozles Take Down Vol.666, So We’re Listening to Woozles Today

Woozles - kidz bopz vol. 666 (2018)
Woozles – kidz bopz vol. 666 (2018)

Remember Kidz Bop? The compilation series from the 90s-2000s that featured children with questionable singing ability doing covers of mainstream pop hits? Yeah, we know you do.

Well, apparently Kidz Bop parent company Concord Music had taken issue with Torrington indie rock artist Woozles, particularly the titling of Woozles’ 2018 album kidz bopz vol.666. We couldn’t imagine why. As a result, the album was quickly removed from streaming networks.

Fortunately, Woozles has reupped the album under a different title, now called Songs to Infringe on Trademarks 2. The music is still great, and we know that deep down in our hearts, it is still the six hundred and sixty-sixth volume of Kidz Bop.

Listen to kidz bopz vol.666 Songs to Infringe on Trademarks 2.  by Woozles on Bandcamp and Spotify below:


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