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Every Branch Drop New Self-Titled Album: Stream

Every Branch - Every Branch (2019)
Every Branch – Every Branch (2019). Photograph by Jocelyn Queen

New Britain alternative rock three-piece Every Branch have just surprised released their self-titled new album. It was recorded at The Church in Hamden, and mixed and mastered by David Swanson at Legend Studios in Avon, Connecticut. Containing earlier singles “Meaning” and “Brothers”, it is Every Branch’s first release since 2018’s Hillcrest Drive EP.

Usually, when a band releases a self-titled, it typically defines the essence of the group. I can confirm here that after listening to Every Branch, it is certainly the definitive release and proper introduction to the New Britain alt rock band. Following the formidable but mostly lo-fi earlier releases, the increase in production values and refined songwriting really captures the three-piece at the height of their powers. While the earlier ruggedness suited their noisy live show, the peeling back of lo-fi distortion and tape hiss reveals the nuance, variety, and character behind Every Branch. Now, more than arena ready, the band just sounds bigger. The guitars are heavier, the drums hit harder, and singer-guitarist Steven Weldon sounds just as impassioned as ever.

The cover photo, shot by CT Photographer Jocelyn Queen, also totally rules.

The song “Lack” is now streaming on the CT Scramble 2019 Spotify Playlist. Check it out here.

Listen to Every Branch by Every Branch on Spotify below:

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