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Hear This: Laura Wolf – Good Veins (2019)

Laura Wolf
Laura Wolf at Wherehouse Hartford

New Haven musician Laura Wolf creates dreamy, cello driven indie pop music with an experimental edge. Recently, the artist has released her excellent new single “Good Veins” in collaboration with Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

A more than promising new piece of modern baroque pop, “Good Veins” is, simply put, a sublime piece of work from the Connecticut artist. Decorated with gorgeous sampled string arrangements, digital percussion, and heavily effected vocals, the song resonates both sonically and emotionally. While the juxtaposition of the wall of sound melodic elements generate elemental, near post-rock like feels, Wolf’s soaring vocal, an instrument here in itself, emotionally carries the song in a continuous crescendo.

“Good Veins” can be found on the CT Scramble 2019 Indie Playlist. Check it out here.

Listen to “Good Veins” by Laura Wolf on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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