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Straight to VHS Drop New Album ‘Friend Music’: Stream

Straight to VHS
Straight to VHS

New London band Straight to VHS is made up of musicians Jon Young, Jay Silva and Tim Donnel. Together, the band makes alternative rock that rotates between garage, punk, and traditional rock n’ roll styles. Recently, the band has dropped their newest album Friend Music.

According to the band, Friend Music is the band’s most ambitious record to date, not only in the sheer number of songs, but also in the diversity of musical stylings and instrumentation. With the help of guest vocalists, guitarists, violin and piano, Straight to VHS weaves a tapestry of garage rock romps, mournful love songs, acoustic sing-alongs, and experimental jams while still leaving room for some good ol’ rock n’ roll.

Initially conceived as a musical love letter, Friend Music evolved into a deeper exploration of the human spirit and reaffirmed to Straight to VHS the power of friendship as the universal bond that brings us all together.

The song “Ooh Ooh Ooh” by Straight to VHS can be found on the CT Scramble 2019 Indie Spotify Playlist. Check it out here.

Listen to Friend Music by Straight to VHS on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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