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Videodome Drop Two New Songs: Stream

Videodome - Dick Warlock (2019)
Videodome – Dick Warlock (2019)

Videodome is a heavy rock from New Haven, CT with elements of post-hardcore and noise. The band features ex-members of previous CT acts Heavy Breath and Warm.

Recently, the band has released a new EP with two new songs on it, “Hair of the Dog” and “Third Eye.” The EP is characteristically called, Dick Warlock (because it’s Videodome), and is their first release since 2017’s awesome Nocturnal Ommisions. A quick and kinky one-two punch reminder of how much this band slays, the songs on Dick Warlock, according to Videodome’s Bandcamp, “will eventually be on our LP in 2020 but why the hell not [release them]?” Why the hell not indeed?

Listen to Dick Warlock by Videodome on Bandcamp below:

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