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Hear This: Brandon Schock – WACK (2019)

Brandon Schock - WACK (2019)
Brandon Schock – WACK (2019)

Westport, CT native Brandon Schock makes off kilter, spasmodic indie rock with a unique sense of dynamics and melody. Recently, Schock has issued his newest release, titled WACK.

Appropriately titled–like its album art hints at, WACK is a release that can hit the unexpected listener with erratic musical irregularities. Almost defined by it’s indefinability, WACK can very loosely be called alt-rock music with a jazz-like technicality and pop sensibility. Schock, who in the Bandcamp liner notes is referred to as “shit engineer”, expands these would-be pop songs with unconventional uses of violin, mandolin, drum programming, cigarettes, synth programming, flute, hulusi, and um, “ignorance”. Musically, songs like “Living is Stupid” and “Come My Way”, swing and smash, veering from lo-fi melodies into unexpected bouts of distorted cymbal crashes and abrasive samples. As a vocalist, Schock mixes observational verses with punk-ish clamoring and reverberated harmonies. Overall, there is a trippy, restless-leg haziness that glues the eclectic project together.

Listen to WACK song “FOUR IN THE MORNING” on the CT Scramble 2019 Spotify Playlist here.

Listen to WACK by Brandon Schock on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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