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Connecticut’s Worst Band Launches Connecticut’s Worst Podcast: Fat Randy The Podcast

Fat Randy

Fans of Connecticut’s Worst Band™, Fat Randy, Rejoice! Stephen Friedland, one of the voices behind the truly awful CT alt-rock band has launched his own podcast. It is appropriated titled Fat Randy The Podcast.

Accompanied by friends, foes, and complete strangers, Fat Randy discusses interesting or not-so-interesting topics in particular ways, in conversations that often fail or wildly deviate from the original topic of discussion. After all, it is Connecticut’s worst podcast.

So far, Fat Randy has spoken with CT musicians such as Jason Rule of Early Lover of Mankind, Andy Tucker of Lil Sluggers, and most recently with Jake of the New Haven band Skating.

Fat Randy the Podcast is available on all major streaming services. Check the most recent one with Jake from Skating on Spotify below:

Listen to Fat Randy’s album Reggaenomics on Spotify below:

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