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On Repeat: Pleasuremad – “kitchen beat” (2019)


Pleasuremad is the psych pop project of Hartford musician Jack Riley. Recently, Riley has released their newest single, “Kitchen Beat”, ahead of its release on the upcoming Funnybone Records’ House Sounds compilation, which also features other noteworthy CT acts.

To put it simply, “Kitchen Beat” is an awesome new track from the Hartford musician. A dedication to their friends, the song melodically resonates with joyful appreciation. Opening with a percussive mishmash of found sounds and one of their most immediately memorable verses, Riley weaves a collage of vocal loops, buzzing synthesizers and warm textures, until the song blooms into a full technicolor celebration of hearth and home. While the song starts as a specific homage to their roommates, the song resonates on a larger level. Riley, who just returned to Hartford after a stint down south, sings of the important relationships we build despite our geographic distances: “one will go east / one will go west / one will stay to keep the fire burning / and all the while the roots grow strong”. Like many of those who have found an unexpected home in Hartford, Riley is channeling that energy into something greater.

Listen to “Kitchen Beat” by Pleasuremad on Spotify below:

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