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Hear This: Eddie Jowels – Fill My Heart (2019)

Eddie Jowels - Fill My Heart (2019)
Eddie Jowels – Fill My Heart (2019)

CT-NY artist and experimental musician Eddie Jowels has dropped a new song “Fill My Heart”. It is his second release since signing to Hartford’s Funnybone Records, following the music video only “Lemons“, and will be featured on the label’s upcoming compilation House Soundswhich will also feature many other Connecticut-based artists.

“Fill My Heart” is an adventurous continuation of experimental music from Eddie Jowels. Opening with roughly a minute and-a-half textural and percussive soundscapes, the song slowly evolves into a tapestry of unconventional melodies and anti-rhythms. Above the soft cacophony, Jowels’ vocals prove to be surprisingly soulful, floating both in command  and adrift of each sonic swell. There is a strange use of open space in “Fill My Heart”, with numerous pauses between its major movements. The start-stop nature of these musical voids and swells echo the space between the beats of a heart, but on a purely different plane.

Listen to “Fill My Heart” by Eddie Jowels on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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