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Now Streaming: Mamma’s Boy – Cake EP (2019)

Mama's Boy - Cake EP (2019)
Mama’s Boy – Cake EP (2019)

East Haddam, CT-based indie rock band Mamma’s Boy is made up of Justin Bellucci (Guitar-Vocals), Charlie Champion (Drums-Vocals), Helene Brunæs (Piano-Vocals), Keith Rutland (Bass-Synth), and Benji Sprecher (Guitar). Recently, the band has shared their debut Cake EP.

The Cake EP is a promising debut from Mama’s Boy. While only containing four songs and clocking around 15 minutes, the band makes a surprisingly distinguishable impact, both emotionally and arrangement-wise, in its brief running time. As a singer and a songwriter, Bellucci has a breathy quality and the ability to paint a picture of suburban bummers that are both endearing and subtle between the rock stomp of “It’s Okay, It’s Alright”, and the more primarily acoustic numbers. That being said, the band does a good job of including the musical arrangements of all its members, with distinctly different perspectives coming in via lead guitar, backing harmonies, and a killer trumpet on “Generation U.”

Listen to the Cake EP by Mama’s Boy on Bandcamp below:

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