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New Lo-Fi: Memory Celle – From the Saddest to the Baddest EP (2019)

Memory Celle
Memory Celle

Memory Celle is the lo-fi ‘alternative-ish’ project of singer-songwriter “B” out of Danbury, Connecticut. Recently, the musician has released her latest EP, From the Saddest to the Baddest.

From the Saddest to the Baddest is a curious debut from the Danbury musician. Like many lo-fi home recordings, there is a particular sense of intimacy found in these three songs. Between its found sounds of birds chirping, slightly detuned guitars, and reverbed ambience, there is an off-kilter quality framed around Memory Celle’s singing and lyricism, almost like observing a pretty picture in a frame hanging slightly askew.

On her Bandcamp page, Memory Celle comments on her songs, including “don’t define yourself by your struggles. But add some reverb to them and embrace it.” This tone pervades her singing on this short EP, for even though the cryptic lyrics can leave us reading between the lines of events occurring in the past, her versatile vocal shifts and chord changes steal the spotlight in a melodic act of defiance.

Listen to From the Saddest to the Baddest on Bandcamp below:

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