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August Recap: 18 New CT Indie Releases Now Streaming







Sup fam. Happy September! Just another quick list of new CT indie music delivered to your front door to keep you informed and entertained.

Today’s collection features a wide range of genres and styles, including angular post-punk, experimental pop, and lo-fi folk punk. And emo, of course. There’s always emo.  Listen via Spotify and Bandcamp links below:

Greetings – “Spirit Mind (TLK2YA)” (Hartford, CT) – Indie / Psych

Mandala – Damsel In Defense (Waterbury, CT) – Alternative Rock

Reduction Plan – “Deliver” (CT-NYC) – Post-Punk, Goth Rock

Eel People – A Posh & Destructive Cycle (Hebron, CT) – Indie Pop, Alternatve

Chop7Times – Extreme Creep (New Haven, CT) – Post-Hardcore, Lo-Fi

Mercy Choir – Upturned in Everest (New Haven, CT) Indie Rock / Folk Rock

The Nuclear Heartbreak – Self-Titled (Stamford, CT) – Alternative Rock, Pop

Memory Celle – From the Saddest to the Baddest (Danbury, CT) – Lo-Fi, Acoustic

Hamm’s Odyssey – “Monsters” (West Hartford, CT) – Indie Rock, Psych Pop

Decent News – Monolith (New London, CT) – Metal, Industrial

He Was An Artist, She Was a Carpenter – I’ll Never Be As Happy As I Was Last Summer (CT-MA) – Emo

Mamma’s Boy – Cake EP (East Haddam, CT) – Indie Rock

Every Branch – “Brothers” (New Britain, CT) – Indie Rock / Emo

Cardinal Spins – “Do It For You” (Newtown, CT) – Indie Rock

Kim Normal – “I Don’t Even Mind” (Central, CT) – Alternative Rock

Chad Browne-Springer – “Gloves” (Hartford, CT) – Alternative, R&B, Pop

Old Self – “This Whole Foods Is Trying to Kill Me” (New Haven, CT) – Alt Rap

Laini & The Wildfire – “Delorean” (New Haven, CT) – Pop

American Amnesia – “Depression.jpg” (Torrington, CT)  – Alternative Rock

Happy Happy Joy Joy – Where to Find Love And How to Lose it (CT) Emo / Lo-Fi

Comfy Cozy – “Loose Leaf” (Danbury, CT) – Indie Pop

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