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Hear This: Chad Browne-Springer – “Gloves” (2019)

Chad Browne-Springer
Chad Browne-Springer

Chad Browne-Springer is a singer, musician, and artist from East Hartford who uses vocal and instrumental loops to create an edgy and emotional blend of indie pop and alternative R&B. Recently, Browne-Springer has released a new single, “Gloves.” It is his first since last year’s “Sleeves” collaboration with Pearl Sugar.

“Gloves” is another sublime reflection of Browne-Springer as one of the more emotionally affecting musical and vocal talents in the state. Sporting a nocturnal synth pulse and mechanical drum arrangements, the Hartford artist loops lush harmonies of its singular “I’m ready to let go” refrain. It is an ambiguously poignant repetition, paired with nostalgic and scattered imagery, that is both liberating and desolate at the same time.

Listen to “Gloves” by Chad Browne-Springer on Spotify below:

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