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The Nuclear Heartbreak Drop Self-Titled Debut, Playing Wall Street Takeover in Norwalk

James Darling The Nuclear Heartbreak
The Nuclear Heartbreak

Stamford-based power trio The Nuclear Heartbreak, is made up of James Darling (Guitar, Vocals), Gio Gomez, (Drums), and Tim Robbins (Bass). Together they write anthemic rock music driven by garage pop hooks and classic quiet-loud alt-rock dynamics. Recently, the band has shortened their name and dropped their self-titled debut album.

As suggested by early its early singles, The Nuclear Heartbreak is a no frills pop-rock record bolstered by a nautical charm and generous gang vocals. Well versed in its pop sensibility, every song here has at least one strong pop hook, whether its bestowed via crunchy rhythm chords or rousing ‘we’re all in this together’ singalongs. Energy-wise, the band has a quirky habit of drawing one in with light acoustics fit for a Sunday matinee cafe gig, only to sucker punch with the distorted energy of a Friday night bar brawler.

While these songs are strong enough based on their melodies and energy alone, they can also dabble in different song structures, emotional tones, and topics. There’s numerous post-heartbreak songs (of course), like “On The Shelf”, and “Get You Back”, but the band also skews political on “Paycheck” and even nautical on “Sea” and “Ocean”. As a result, there can be a strangely surreal mix of general suburban bummers and conflicted ocean metaphors. Despite these jumps, the album is concise and held together by Darling’s elastic vocal charm and the band’s good sense of letting up and letting on the distortion at the right times.

The Nuclear Heartbreak will be playing the Wall Street Takeover in Norwalk, CT on Saturday, August 16th. Event page here.



Listen to The Nuclear Heartbreak by The Nuclear Heartbreak on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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