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New Artist Feature: Matt Falkowski, Pluto Boy, Eats God, Wants To Be a Painting

Matt Falkowski
Matt Falkowski

Manchester, CT musician Matt Falkowski makes eccentric, acoustic-based indie rock with a loose glam-punk edge. In 2019 alone, the songwriter has joined his contemporary Rex Thurstan in the like-minded Eel People, released two albums of his own, Pluto Boy, and Bad Posture, AND will be releasing a third album, Paint, on September 19th. Recently, Falkowski has shared the first, self-titled single off the upcoming album.

Matt Falkowski - Paint
Matt Falkowski – Paint

Pluto Boy, Bad Posture and “Paint” are all impressively promising starts for the young musician. With a contemporary lyrical edge and a smattering of lo-fi production complements over his guitar based songs, it can sometimes be hard to pin down exactly how to genre-fy Falkowski’s style. It can be acoustic and punk, but not quite folk punk. It can be emotionally affecting, but not really emo. It certainly is rock music with a pop sensibility, but it would be hard to call it pop rock.

A thread that ties all of these styles together seems to be Falkowski’s seemingly unrepressed capacity for lyrical commentary and vocal intonations. Songs like “Synthetic Daydreams, “I Ate God”, and “Paint” are littered with unconventional one-liners that tend to punch at just the right time, either in time with the strongest melodies or in deliberate contention with them. Beyond the content, Falkowski has an elastic tenor that can sound like a post-Strokes child of the aughts but also a theatrical, Dylan-meets-Bowie, old soul. Like the technicolor cacophony of the upcoming Paint image promos, his music is a smattering of different aesthetics that sit comfortably aside an acoustic guitar, and even more so with the company of friends.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatthewFalkowskiMusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalfowski/

Listen to Bad Posture on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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