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Hamm’s Odyssey Drop New Single ‘Monsters’: Stream

Hamm's Odyssey
Hamm’s Odyssey

 West Hartford act Hamm’s Odyssey is made up of Kevin Carr (guitar/vocals), Matthew Meigs (guitar/vocals), with newly enlisted collaborators Trevor Guglielmino (drums), and Lucas Vannie (Bass). Recently, the band has dropped their newest single “Monsters”. It is their first since 2018’s “Odyssea“.

“Monsters” is a promising piece of indie rock from the young Hartford band. Melancholic and multi-parted, what starts with simple acoustic strums and isolated vocal from Carr, shifts twice, first into formidable rainy day guitar pop, and then into its final instrumental, a hypnotic march of intertwining, understated psychedelia. Both a strong sense of melody and these shifts invigorate the relatively gloomy track with a live energy and increase its replayability.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hammsodyssey/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hamms_odyssey/

Listen to “Monsters” by Hamm’s Odyssey on Spotify below:

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