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Greetings Drop Fourth New Single of 2019 ‘Falling’: Stream

Greetings - Falling (2019)
Greetings – Falling (2019)

Hartford-based indie supergroup Greetings have been steadily running a victory lap following the release of last year’s excellent Greetings EP. Since that EP dropped, the band has performed a steady array of gigs, recorded a live documentary, and now have dropped the fourth(!), “Falling”, in a line of new singles via Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

“Falling” is another reflection of Greetings ever expanding sound. Since the release of the Greetings EP, the band has dabbled in guitar-based psych rock, sample driven hip-hop, and noisy soundscapes. In contrast with Greetings last single “Siccem”, “Falling” is reminiscent of exactly its title, but in slow motion, between hypnagogic states of awareness and dreams. Vocalist Daniel Carr takes command of his project this time around, with a hypnotic, wordless vocal harmony that sways back and forth between its trippy guitar noodling and percussive clicks. As a fourth single, the band is moving in slow motion, but shows no signs of slowing down with the creative process.

Listen to “Falling” by Greetings on Bandcamp and on the CT Scramble 2019 Spotify Playlist below:

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