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Big July Recap: 25(!) New CT Releases Now Streaming

Sup fam. Happy almost end of July! Just another quick list of new CT indie music delivered to your front door to keep you informed and entertained. Today’s collection features a wide range of genres and styles, including angular post-punk, experimental pop, and lo-fi folk punk. And emo, of course. There’s always emo.  Listen via Spotify and Bandcamp links below:

Greetings – “Falling” (Hartford, CT) – Indie, Psych Rock

The Brazen Youth – “I Don’t Wanna Take Too Much” (Lyme, CT) – Indie, Folk Rock

Pet Fox – Rare Occasion (Newtown, CT – Boston) Indie, Surf, Garage

Eager Sails – The Palisades (New Haven – NY) – Electronic, Alternative Rock

Reduction Plan – “The River” (New Haven-Queens) – Post-Punk, Goth, New Wave

Peaer – “In My Belly” (CT-NYC) – Indie Rock

MEGA – Mega EP (Central, CT) – Jazz, Instrumental

Rudy – “Moonpie” (Hartford, CT) R&B, Alt-Pop

Queen Moo – Faint Sounds of Us Hanging Out (Hartford, CT) – Indie, Alternative

Early Love of Mankind – Self Titled (Hartford, CT) – Rock and Roll, Singer-Songwriter

Crag Mask – Bend (New Haven, CT) – Post-Hardcore, Art Rock

Nikita – Indigo//Tides (Hartford, CT) – Art Rock, R&B

Eel People – “We Don’t Have to Die” (Hebron, CT) – Indie Pop, Electro Pop

Evelyn Gray – Let The Flower Grow (New Haven, CT) – Alternative, Singer-Songwriter

Mercy Choir – “Needles And Vinegar” (New Haven, CT) – Folk Rock, Indie

The Refectory – “Sheep” (Bethel, CT) – Alt-Rock, Post-Hardcore

Decent News – “Black Box” (New London, CT) – Metal, Industrial

Matt Falkowski – Bad Posture (Manchester, CT), Alternative, Punk

Short Month – Something Good Ahead (CT-Chicago) Emo

KNoWTe – “Have Fun” (Hartford, CT) – Hip-Hop

Sentiments – Drag (Manchester, CT) – Alternative, Emo

CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP – “Cattle” (New Haven, CT) – Noisecore

Housewives – Housewives EP (Hartford, CT) – Indie-Folk, Singer-Songwriter

The Inside Out – “Don’t Stop” (Central, CT) – Alternative Rock

He Was An Artist, She Was a Carpenter – “Lips of an Angle” (CT-Western Mass) – Emo, Indie

Poppa – Zira (New Haven, CT) – Acoustic, Lo-Fi

Dumlords – “I Want U” (New Haven, CT) – Indie Pop, Folk Rock

Night Crew – “Thousands of Miles” – Alternative, Indie

Melanie Champagne – “In My Dreams” (Bristol, CT) – Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic

Julian Sherwood – “Vibrant Way” (Southington, CT) – Alt-Rock, Pop

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