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Dumlords Drop New Single ‘I Want U’, Play Release Show At Three Sheets Friday

Tyler Smith of Dumlords

Dumlords is the indie pop-rock project of New Haven musician Tyler Smith. Last year, Dumlords released Smiles For Miles, a formidable collection of catchy indie tunes where Smith pretty much played every instrument but drums (those were contributed by collaborator Brandon Terzakis).

This week, Smith has dropped his new single ‘I Want U’, and will be celebrating its release with a show at Three Sheets in New Haven with Ditch Boys and The Grand Par. Event page here.

While Smiles For Miles was a more ‘rocking’ collection of moody, electric guitar numbers, new single ‘I Want U’ makes no hesitation in embraces a pop sensibility. Upbeat, witty and lyrical, Smith pairs lines like “I wanna tell you bout the hole in my brain / it’s not from dropping acid / but it sure is a pain” and “alongside sunny acoustic guitar strums and background vocal harmonies. The song goes a little farther to energize its rhythm with the occasional locking in of drums and melody–the part where Smith extends the chorus to hold out youuu-u-u” is the part that will easily get stuck in someone’s head after a quick listen.

Listen to “Come Closer” by Dumlords on Bandcamp and the CT Scramble 2019 Spotify Playlist below:

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