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Creators Caravan 4: All 8 Acts Playing This Friday’s Art and Music Show

Creators Caravan 3
Creators Caravan 3

It’s that time of year again! Following the success of the truly dope Creators Caravan III Music and Arts Show, the arrival of Creators Caravan IV Music and Arts show is nearly upon us! Event page here.

Creators Caravan will feature an eclectic array of music from the following acts, including: (the return of!) Cheem, Sam Sandoval, Let’s Get Invisible, Matt Falkowski, Good Enough Guys, Similar Kind, Night Crew, and last but not least, Fat Randy and the Hot Tamale Big Band Sextet ft. The Funky Jazz Knights. Check out each act below:

Similar Kind – Faces & Places EP (Norwalk, CT) – Indie Pop, Post-Chillwave Rock

Cheem – Shine Spright” (UHART Alums) – Alternative Rock, Emo

Sam Sandoval – Tupper EP (Meriden, CT) – Freak Folk, Acoustic

Fat Randy – Reggaenomics (Storrs, CT) – Garage Rock, Alternative

Matt Falkowski – Bad Posture (Manchester, CT), Alternative, Punk

Let’s Get Invisible – summer demo (Woodbury, CT) – Indie, Hardcore

Night Crew – “Thousands of Miles” – Alternative, Indie

The show will also feature visual art from the following artists, with more to be announced: Molly Alexander, Alexies Bartholemew, Kyla Masangkay, Sarah Baillargeon, Andrew Vinas, Hayley Royal, Alexandra Gray, Jackie Madrazo, Emma Beecher, and Sarah Mac.

CCIV will be held at Trinity on Main in New Britain CT. Tickets are 10 dollars at the door, 8 dollars in advance. Check out the Event Page here.


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