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Eel People Announce New Album, Drop Single “We Don’t Have to Die”: Stream

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 6.55.25 PM
Rex Thurstan of Eel People

Hebron, CT-based Eel People is the bedroom indie pop project of musician Rex Thurstan. Earlier this summer, Thurstan has dropped a new single, “Thought I Was Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood).” Recently, he has announced his new album A Posh & Destructive Cycle, and has dropped another new single on it, “We Don’t Have to Die”, with an accompanying video featuring fellow CT musician Matt Falkowski.

“We Don’t Have to Die” is another promising single from the young musician. Unlike the predominantly guitar-driven jaunt of “Thought I Was Misunderstood”, “We Don’t Have to Die” is a near electro-pop song that is built off a catchy, manipulated vocal loop from Thurstan, paired with glitchy instrumental melodies. The results are both upbeat and death-obsessed at the same time, the artist juxtaposing both the gloom of the lyrics with relatively happy-sounding sonics.

A Posh & Destructive Cycle is out everywhere August 1st. Listen to “We Don’t Have to Die” by Eel People on Bandcamp and The CT Scramble 2019 Spotify Playlist below:


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