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Early Lover Of Mankind Embraces Rock Standards on Debut: Stream

Early Lover of Mankind Queen Moo Jason Rule
Early Lover of Mankind

East Hartford musician Jason Rule (also of CT acts Crag MaskQueen Moo, AND Zanders) has been plugging away writing songs and performing solo shows under the moniker Early Lover of Mankind. Earlier this year, Rule issued his lo-fi first collection of home recordings, entitled What Music?. This week, the musician has shared his first formal follow up, a self-titled debut.

Early Lover of Mankind is another formidable release from the prolific musician. While many of the album’s songs appeared in lo-fi form on What Music?, they take on a new life as proper recordings here, decorated with an actual band, including some very welcome piano and percussive complements. That being said, there is still a pleasant, play-em-straight, rustic quality about this particular collection that is appealing for the opposite reasons that make the complexity of Rule’s other projects are so enticing. Rather than the anti-convention of those more modern, alt-rock bands, the instrumental and general energy here is straight out of the classic rock (and more specifically early 70s glam rock) playbook. Of course, ELOM is exclusively Rule’s project, and beyond its sonic pleasantries has provided a more direct lyrical outlet for some of the artist’s more personal characterizations, both tongue-in-cheek and suburban gothic, that are perhaps left more obscure in other projects.

Listen to Early Lover of Mankind by ELOM below:

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