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The Refectory Drop New Single ‘Sheep’: Stream

The Refectory - Sheep (2019)
The Refectory – Sheep (2019)

Bethel, CT heavy rock trio The Refectory have released a new single called “Sheep” for streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify.  It follows the band’s earlier 2019 Axe Eater EP.

“Sheep” works well as a coda to the Axe Eater EP. Like that trio of songs, the band steps up the more aggressive part of their sound, finding vocalist Robbie Vozza embracing his rawer, punk vocals with strange imagery: “Funneled up through the giants hose / They got masks all in our eyes / All that glass that they break / When you’re all looking away.” About midway through the song, the band starts emphasizing their trademark guitar intricacies in a uniquely different from what has come before. Between all of the distorted sludge, surreal lyrics, and rhythmic starts and stops, “Sheep” takes The Refectory into stranger places than seen before.

Listen to “Sheep” by The Refectory on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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