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Now Streaming Sam Moth – Out of My Element and into the Fray (2019)

Sam Moth - Out of My Element and into the Fray (2019)
Sam Moth – Out of My Element and into the Fray (2019)

New Haven musician Sam Moth creates experimental music composed with eclectic instrumental loops and earthy vocal projections. Today, the artist has released her new EP, Out of My Element and into the Fray. It is her first since 2018’s Erori Da (Fall Down).

Out of My Element and into the Fray is another unique collection of experimental pursuits from the New Haven artist. Over the course of its six tracks, Moth patches a diverse array of sonic and percussive textures, all weaved together with her earthy vocal intonations.

What stands out on this EP is a level of introspective intimacy that pervades this particular collection. The songs that are purely a cappella find Moth at her most diary-esque, reminiscing about loss, love, loneliness, desire, and all of the ambivalent emotions in between. Like the interior monologue we all have with ourselves, the multilayering of vocal harmonies sound like all of the voices in one’s head considering every memory before often achieving some kind of cryptic realization.

While most of the songs are purely vocal diary entries, two clear standouts are in the more instrumentally arranged “rising tide” and “kaleidoscope”. The former is easily the edgiest of the few, a spoken word number that recalls every good retorts one might have said after walking away from an argument, set to staccato beats and bustling urban traffic sounds. In contrast, “kaleidoscope” ends the short EP on a more tranquil, spiritual note that Moth’s live shows are known for, blending all of the subtle techniques of the EP all together at once.

Listen to Out of my Element and into the Fray by Sam Moth below:

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