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The Moon
The Moon

THE//MOON is the musical project of Jack Vibert, a producer from Unionville, Connecticut. Influenced by witch house, hip hop, and noise, THE//MOON creates diverse electronic soundscapes that flow between different genres and styles. Recently, the producer has dropped his new mixtape, Crawl in Here and Die with Me.

Even as a collection of odds and ends, Crawl in Here and Die with Me, is a surprisingly cohesive mixtape from THE//MOON. Over the course of its half-hourish runtime, the producer sequences a somewhat random collection of cuts into a more focused sonic painting. Sure, some tracks are more psychedelic, with washes of trippy synthesizers and noisy found sounds, while others are more clubby or danceable, sometimes decked out with video game-esque glitches, but a similar vision from Vibert has kept their palettes meaningfully intact. In addition, vocal contributions from OLD SELF, nigel, fet/ki, shine brida, and john lonesome(institution), create a joyous “squad’s all here” sense of human togetherness on the record, especially in a style of music that could come off as electronically mechanical.

Listen to CRAWL IN HERE AND DIE WITH ME by THE//MOON on Bandcamp below:

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