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New Industrial: Decent News – Black Box (2019)

Decent News
Decent News (New London)

New London-based trio Decent News is made up of musicians Caleb Moore, Eddie LaFlash, and Laken Stokes. Together, they make aggressive industrial metal music with elements of hardcore and noise. Recently, the band has dropped a new single, “Black Box b/w Krokodil”.

“Black Box” is a big step up in craft and aesthetics for Decent News. While earlier album Filth found the band in promising industrial territory, this new song finds the band firing on all cylinders. Over the course of its four minutes, “Black Box” amps up relentlessly heavy riffage, digitized percussion, gritty warehouse club rhythms, and does not ease up until its synth led outro, suggesting more dynamics coming from the band in the future. The biggest development is how the band nails the vocal performance, with the distorted blend of both singers sounding absolutely monstrous.

Decent News will be releasing their upcoming full length, title TBD, later this summer. Listen to “Black Box” by Decent News below:

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