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New CT Jazz: Members of The Most, Nikita Form MEGA, Release Self-Titled EP – Stream


Central-CT act MEGA is the instrumental project of musicians Giancarlo Moreno (Bass), Mike Schmidt (Tenor Saxophone/Flute), Rhodes/Trumpet, Keenan Asbridge (Rhodes/Trumpet), and Adam Szulczewski (Drums/Percussion). Recently, the quartet released their self-titled, debut EP.

MEGA - MEGA EP (2019)
MEGA – MEGA EP (2019)

Unlike the other musical projects of these members, Southington’s The Most, and Hartford’s Nikita, the music MEGA makes finds the musicians scratching the musical itch to create outside of their respective genres. Over the course of the three songs on their self-titled, the band eschews indie-alternative aesthetics to exercise their technical prowess in jazzy, instrumental music with r&b, soul, and funk overtones. The results are absolutely sublime. With each track taking on its own unique style, approach, and character, it will be interesting to see what this side-project might produce in the future.

The song “Resolve” has been added to the CT Scramble Indie Spotify Playlist. Check it here.

Listen to the MEGA EP by Mega on Bandcamp and single “Resolve” on Spotify below:

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