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Now Streaming: Hail Sentiments On Their New ‘Drag’ EP


Manchester, CT four-piece Sentiments make and atmospheric and melancholic blend of alt-rock and emo-revival. Today, the band has dropped their new Drag EP. The EP was recorded at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT, produced and mixed by Greg Thomas, and Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

Drag is a strong collection of atmospheric emo-revival from the young Manchester band. First off, it hits all the right sonic marks fans of this style of music have come to appreciate: It’s got hooks, it’s got rhythm, and it’s got plenty of emotion. What helps the album stand apart from its peers is the lyrics and vocal executions are on point. It’s one thing to write a song called “no more love songs”, it’s another thing to stretch your vocal chords while juxtaposing the lines “I have such a way of romanticizing such little silences / the way you wear your curly hair / cracked my armor in the slaughter”. For a song that rejects the thought of intimate connections with others, the EP is chock full of lines like this that help increase its singability–see “emotions are just chemicals”, and “dust my feathers with the shame I would have felt for you”. Another factor that helps the EP stand out is how understated the vocals are. Rather than go for the usual stadium sized vocal projection, the singing here is more of a croon, creating a more literary sense of melancholy.

Listen to the Drag EP by Sentiments on Bandcamp below:

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