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Redscroll Records Relaunch Label, Issuing Kidnapped’s Collected Works 2017-2019

Kidnapped – Collected Works 2017-2019

Redscroll Records are excited to announce that, after a bit of a hiatus, they will be relaunching the label portion of their institution with a nice grip of releases. There are a half dozen planned releases for the coming half-year or so, which will be announced as they get closer to the release dates.

The first of these upcoming releases will be a compilation of music from from Connecticut’s wunderkind power-violence trio, Kidnapped, called Collected Works 2017-2019.

Kidnapped at C**** H****

Redscroll comments: “In two short years the band has released 5 cassettes’ worth of hard-as-nails, fast-as-hell, concise, blasting-face-rippers. We’ve collected all of those onto one album which very conveniently fits onto a single LP (good job, boys!) – 48 tracks which were split among the self-released tapes.”

Kidnapped’s Collected Works 2017-2019 will be released on July 19th. The band will also be playing its release show with Municipal Waste on July 26th, 2019 at the Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT. Event page here.

Listen to KIDNAPPED’s Connecticut Powerviolence tape on Bandcamp below:

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