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Hear This: Hartford’s Nikita Drop Elemental New Indigo / Tides EP

Nikita at Arch Street Tavern, Hartford. Photo by Isa Rose Photography

Hartford-based quintet Nikita is made up of musicians Billy Yeterian (Vocals), Chris Yeterian (Drums and Vocals), Clay Zotta (Guitar), Kyle Marceau (Guitar), and Keenan Asbridge (Keys, Trumpet, String Arrangements). Together, they make a dreamy blend of psychedelic soft- rock with R&B and prog vibes. Recently, the band has issued a pair of new singles, Indigo / Tides.

Nikita - Indigo / Tides (2019)
Nikita – Indigo / Tides (2019)

Indigo / Tides is an impressive pair of psychedelic art-rock tracks from Nikita. Over the course of its eleven-minute runtime, the Hartford band covers a wide array of of sonic ground and styles, ranging from smooth, lovestruck R&B to technically proficient prog jams. Perhaps it is the distinctive earthy and natural hues of the album artwork (created by Joshua Cranmer), but there is a pleasant, elemental visual quality that permeates the atmosphere of these songs. Between the lyrical falsettos of the Yeterian brothers and its instrumental movements of guitar, strings, and dynamic rhythmic shifts, the music flows as smoothly as waves crashing in slow motion. Despite this overt natural beauty, there is an impressive seasonal complexity to the arrangements and lyrical content, which all culminates in its final crescendo: “No, you’re not the same as when I met you / but that’s just love.”

Listen to Indigo / Tides by Nikita on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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