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Hear This: Eager Sails – The Palisades (2019)

Eager Sails Sam Stauff
Sam Stauff of Eager Sails & Wess Meets West

Eager Sails is the electronic-ambient rock project of musician-producer Sam Stauff (also of New Haven post-rock band Wess Meets West). Recently, Stauff dropped his first EP under the Eager Sails monkier, The Palisades.

Eager Sails - The Palisades (2019)
Eager Sails – The Palisades (2019)

The Palisades is a pleasant surprise from the Wess Meets West veteran. Branching out beyond the elemental guitar appeal of the main band, Eager Sails not only allows Stauff the opportunity to incorporate a real vocal narrative, but also a multi-instrumental approach that expands beyond the typical arsenal of a rock band. Considering his main band’s eschewing of general vocals, Stauff’s singing and melodies come out surprisingly formed, emotionally affecting, and evoke the spectral mysticism that is usually carried by instruments alone. In addition, the production of the EP sounds gorgeous, with each song and movement showcasing intricate instrumentation and textures that create a spectral atmosphere.

Listen to The Palisades by Eager Sails below:

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