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Pet Fox Announce New Album Rare Occasion, Share First Single: Stream

Pet Fox
Pet Fox

Boston-based trio Pet Fox is made up of musicians Theo Hartlett (vocals-guitars), Morgan Luzzi (bass), and Jesse Weiss (drums). Together, they create rhythmic, guitar-driven indie rock that effectively blends a wide array of influences, ranging from surf, garage, emo, and 90s revival.

Pet Fox - Rare Occasion (2019)
Pet Fox – Rare Occasion (2019)

Recently, Pet Fox has announced their new album Rare Occasion, and have the shared a new song, “Swerving”, for streaming on Bandcamp. Its only a mere 90-ish seconds long, but manages to fit a sprawling amount of ideas into its structure. With its characteristically technical prowess, pop sensibility, and beach-bummer vocals, it makes for easy replayability and has us excited to hear the rest of the record.

Check out “Swerving” below. Listen to last year’s Pet Fox EP on Spotify below:

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