HOT GIG: Capital H Records’ DIY PROM III Returns to Tainted Inc on July 13th


Never got a chance to attend prom? Was it too expensive? Didn’t like attending high school events? Couldn’t get a date and were too afraid to go solo? Loved prom and want to go again but you’re too old and it would be weird now? Well CT-based Capital H Records has got the event for you. It’s the third annual DIY PROM!(!!)

What is DIY PROM?
– Local and out-of-state musicians playing originals and sometimes covers (people really like that)
– Photo “booth” (hand made, photos taken by you on your phone or by a volunteer camera person)
– Dress code: semi-formal, formal, black tie, prom attire, if you want! You don’t have to dress any certain way but it makes it more fun
– Age restrictions? Nah, but 16+ is suggested (mature content in music, etc)
– Food! Mostly snacks and drinks. Feel free to bring stuff for a ‘potluck’ style table
– Dancing is basically required because why would you go to prom if you weren’t going to dance?
– Oh and it’s pretty affordable, $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Who’s playing this year?

Brain Bank – the grooviest group of folks from Southern CT. Be ready to have your brain blown

The Knife Kickers – some lads from Woodbury, CT cooking up some tasty jams for your ears. They will be covering The Strokes at this nights event.

Humidity – smoove breezy chill tunes outta Eastern CT.

+1 TBA

Event Page Here.

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