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Queen Moo Announce New Album Faint Sounds of Us Hanging Out, Share Single

Queen Moo
Queen Moo

Hartford purveyors of jazzy-rock music, Queen Moo, is made up of musicians Nick Charlton (drums), Oscar Godoy (guitar), Kevin O’Donnell (vocals-bass), and Jason Rule (vocals-guitar). Recently, the four-piece have announced their third album, Faint Sounds of Us Hanging Out, which will be out this Friday. The band has also dropped a music video for its first track “Gooey Functions”.

“Gooey Functions” is a staring-at-the-ceiling, piano-number led by O’Donnell that completely falls apart as it escalates into a soft cacophony of trumpet and early morning jam session improvisation. The video, filmed by RJ LaRussa of Wherehouse Hartford, is another story. Check out the video below:

Listen to “Gooey Functions” by Queen Moo on Bandcamp below:

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