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Now Streaming: Shed Life – Scarface (2019)

Shed Life -
Shed Life – “Scarface” (2019)

Old Saybrook-based trio Shed Life is made up of Eric Peterson (guitar), Jon Christina (drums), and Joe Luchuck (bass and vocals). Together they make a scrappy mix of punk and emo with touches of math-indebted guitar work. Recently, Shed Life has shared their debut single, “Scarface”.

With it’s tight production and performance, “Scarface” is a promising intro to Shed Life, and hits all of the right marks fans typically want out of beachside emo-revival. What elevates this first single beyond those of like-minded bands is a memorable shift in intensity in the song, splitting its quiet and loud parts into their own emotive movements and separate time signatures.

Listen to “Scarface” by Shed Life on Spotify below:

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