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Greetings Drop Three New Singles: Stream

Hartford-based indie supergroup Greetings have been steadily running a victory lap following the release of last year’s excellent Greetings EP. Since that EP dropped, the band has performed a steady array of gigs, recorded a live documentary, and now have dropped the third in a line of new singles via Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

Each of the new singles from Greetings reflects the band’s hard to classify genre-bending psychedelia. While earlier singles “K.I.E” and “Untitled One” focused on principal songwriter Daniel Carr’s trippy guitarwork and spacey minimalism, the most recent single “Siccem” doesn’t pull any punches, showcasing ALL of the Greetings collaborators, Eugene Junior, Chad Browne-Springer & Maebe. With its heady string samples, staccato hip-hop beats, and rap to psych pop vocal juxtapositions, “Siccem” is the summer jam we’ve been waiting for from Greetings.

Listen to “Siccem” by Greetings on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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