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Hear This: Eel People – Thought I Was Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood) (2019)

Eel People - Thought I Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood) / Life (Single) (2019)
Eel People – Thought I Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood) / Life (Single) (2019)

Hebron, CT-based Eel People is the bedroom indie pop project of musician Rex Thurstan. Recently, Thurstan has dropped a new single, “Thought I Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood)”, backed with the instrumental, “Life.” It follows his full length, Forgiving My Humanity, which came out earlier this spring.

“Thought I Misunderstood” is another strong single from the increasingly prolific musician. Starting with a simple-enough guitar strut, the song slowly builds over its four-minute runtime with a pleasant mix of subtle textures and melodies that revolve around Thurstan’s blunt ruminations. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the tune is how difficult it is to pin down emotionally. Its not quite as simple as saying the song takes the “upbeat music, sad lyrics”, approach, so much as the titular refrain comes off more like an epiphany than a bummer.

Listen to “Thought I Was Misunderstood (But I Misunderstood)” by Eel People on Spotify below:

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