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On Repeat: The End of America – “Break Away” (2019)

The End of America - Break Away (Single) (2019)
The End of America – Break Away (Single) (2019)

Philly-based folk rock band The End of America is made up of musicians Brendon Thomas, Trevor Leonard, and James Downes (of Call it Arson and Haunted Continents). Recently, the trio have released a new single, “Break Away”, which they will be celebrating the release of at Cafe Nine in New Haven on 6/22. Event page here.

“Break Away”, to put it simply, is a truly gorgeous song that expands The End of America’s sonic and aesthetic palette beyond folk rock and into the orchestral stratosphere. From its immediately serene beginnings to its maximalist, cathartic crescendo, every vocal harmony, every subtle texture sounds immaculately produced and performed by musicians at the height of their powers. As if the song wasn’t sublime enough on its sonic merits alone, the impassioned intertwining of each members vocals ingrains the music with a harrowing authenticity.

Listen to “Break Away” by The End of America on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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