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Hear This: Snake Oil – Dying of Sunsets (2019)

Snake Oil

New Haven-based Snake Oil is made up of musicians Jason Labbe, Emily Lee, Kelly L’Heureux, and Adrian Van De Graaff. Together, they create an ecclectic blend of art rock that draws from all regions of the alternative spectrum: indie, post-rock, prog, psychedelia, etc. Recently, Snake Oil released their first new album in about six years (!), Dying of Sunsets.

Dying of Sunsets is a satisfying delivery of experimental rock music that blends indie, progressive, and psychedelic elements. Throughout its 41-minute runtime, the four-piece weaves conflicting aesthetics as if they were natural companions, with each track twisting and turning down unforeseeable paths and unpredictable melodies. While most of the songs oscillate between different styles, its versatile vocal intonations and masterful performance from the band keep the sprawl of ideas in good hands. Overall, there is an otherworldly, simmering mysticism that pervades the music, bringing to life the occult juxtapositions of its album artwork.

Listen to Dying of Sunsets by Snake Oil below:

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