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Hear This: Bebé Machete – “Craft / a Fracture” (2019)

Bebé Machete
Bebé Machete. Photo by Sam Blieden

Bebé Machete (Mobey Irizarry) is a genderqueer Puerto Rican artist from Hartford, CT. Their music blends Salsa, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi and experimental rock, dealing with issues of queerness, resistance, and liberation. They seek to put ancestral rhythms and modes of resistance into a contemporary experimental pop context.

After two engaging experimental-pop releases as Xango/Suave, Bebé Machete arrives with two new singles, “Ghazal” and “Craft / a Fracture”, off their forthcoming LP, There Is Not a Metaphor That Can Contain, which will be out June 30th through Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

Listen to “Craft / a Fracture” by Bebé Machete on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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