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Hear This: Them Airs – Echo Park Bomb City (2019)

Them Airs - Echo Park Bomb City (2019)
Them Airs – Echo Park Bomb City (2019)

Them Airs is the New Haven-based four-piece of Cade Williams, Evan Nork (of The Foresters), Adam Cohen, and Nate Johnston. Together they make edgy art rock that is both evocative of pre-90s post-punk and the mid-aughts indie rock boom. Recently, Them Airs has issued their third full length Echo Park Bomb City.

Echo Park Bomb City is an excitingly eclectic release from the young New Haven band. Throughout its twelve tracks, the Them Airs propel through angular fretwork, pulsating rhythms, and idiosyncratic vocal juxtapositions. Dancing around any presumptions of conventional pop sensibilities, the band instead embraces pure kinesthetics and raw production techniques, with each track often taking its own unexpected left turn. Interestingly enough, what helps make the record stand out is how effortlessly it all comes off, as if the band came fulled assembled out of their figurative box.

Listen to Echo Park Bomb City by Them Airs on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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