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Now Streaming: Ditch Boys – “Shots of Love” (2019)

Ditch Boys

Ditch Boys are a garage punk band based in New Haven, CT. The band is made up of Mike Holler (of Dangerous Animals), Eric Mooney, Marco Carotenuto, and James Dorsey. Recently, the four-piece has issued their debut single “Shots of Love”, off their upcoming EP, Seven Minutes With Ditch Boys.

With its jangle heavy power chords and anglophilic gang vocals, “Shots of Love” is a freewheeling slice of guitar pop that successfully channels Ditch Boys’ inspiration in all things 70s punk and power pop. What could be a kitschy effort to recall a very specific style and genre works well in the hands of Ditch Boys’, who open the song with a telling laugh and a wink before ripping into pop riffage.

Seven Minutes With Ditch Boys will be released on June 18th. Listen to “Shots of Love” by Ditch Boys below:

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