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CTS Spring 2019 Recap: 11 New CT Indie Releases Now Streaming


Happy (almost) end of Spring fam. Once again, Connecticut had another dope month of underground releases, so we have taken the time to compile them for you in a quick shortlist for your listening pleasure.

This month’s contributions once again come from all over the state, ranging from chillwave-esque summer jaunts to emo-inflected prog rock. Stream below:

1. Woozles – “All Yr Holy Life” (Torrington, CT) – Lo-Fi, Chillwave


2. Greetings – “Untitled One” (feat. Maebe) (Hartford, CT) – Psych Rock

3. Similar Kind – Faces & Places EP (Norwalk, CT) – Dream Pop

4. Glambat – Brasil” (New Haven, CT) – Grunge Pop

5. Crag Mask – “Secret Plane” (New Haven-Hartford, CT) – Art Rock, Post-Hardcore

6. Snowpiler – “Crest” (New Haven, CT) – Emo, Math Rock

7. Cult of the Supreme Being – Self-Titled (CT-Brooklyn) – Emo, Punk Pop

8. Spiral Wave Nomads – Self-Titled (North Branford, CT) – Instrumental, Psych Rock

9. Shy – Former (New Haven, CT) – Indie Rock

10. Standby – We Need More Mountains I (Danbury, CT) – Prog Rock, Emo

11. Die Hipster! Records – Spring Fling 2019 Compilation – Punk Rock

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