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On Repeat: Woozles – “All Yr Holy Life” (2019)


Woozles is the Torrington, CT based indie rock project of singer-guitarist Conor Ryan. Ryan has been continuously prolific in the past year or so, putting out various albums, EPs, singles, and covers of sharp-witted lo-fi.

Recently, Woozles has followed up last year’s excellent kidz bopz vol. 666 with two new singles, “All Yr Holy Life” and “Losing Touch”.

Both new songs reflect different sides of Woozles. “All Yr Holy Life” is an excitingly hazy, chillwave-esque summer jaunt with a carefree, fist pumping chorus. On the other hand, “Losing Touch” recalls Ryan’s more emotive, introspective songwriting approach. A pleasant new development is how each track incorporates vocal effects, expanding the idea of what direction Woozles will go next.

Listen to “All Yr Holy Life” by Woozles on Soundcloud and Spotify below:

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