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Hear This: SHY Releases Debut Album ‘Former’

SHY - Former (2019)
SHY – Former (2019)

New Haven-based indie rock band SHY is the project of singer-songwriter Shyanne Horner, drummer Quinn Pirie, and Bassist Jon Watanabe. Recently, Horner released her debut album as SHY, Former.

SHY Band

Former is a smokey and restful collection of slow burners that evoke the walk home after catching your friends’ favorite DIY band playing their set in the tranquil, post-midnight hours of the morning. There is a pleasant comfort in how almost every song here dances and sways around Horner’s understated melodic commentary and a relaxed, midtempo groove from the rhythm section. Occasionally, SHY ups the energy with heady dissonance and distortion, with opener “Silver Tongue”, highlights “Short Cut” and (literally) “Rock Song” peaking through like soft embers.

Former was recorded by Sam Carlson at Sans Serif Recording in New Haven.

Listen to Former by SHY on Bandcamp below:

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