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Hear This: Similar Kind – Faces & Places EP (2019)

Similar Kind
Similar Kind

Norwalk-based four-piece Similar Kind make upbeat indie pop tunes with a synthpop sheen and an emotive edge. Recently, the four-piece have issued their debut Faces & Places EP.

Similar Kind - Faces & Places EP (2019)

Clocking at a mere 14 minutes, the Faces & Places EP is a promising debut from the young indie band. Sonically, the band does well evoking styles from numerous branches of alternative, blending them in a way that makes them totally their own. Vocally, singer Julia Breen balances emotive lyricism with a confidence that  commands the center stage spotlight. Performance-wise, each song vibes with the energy of catching the band during a the high point of an unexpectedly killer opening set. It also helps that the songwriting is particularly memorable, with each song sporting its own distinctive melody.

Listen to Faces & Places by Similar Kind on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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