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April Recap: 10 New CT Indie Songs Now Streaming


Happy end of April folks! We here at CT Scramble have been keeping plenty busy in the recent months as we have been working to provide you with accessible updates to cool local CT indie music. Below are some of the many 2019 releases that have caught our ear recently:

1. Glambat – “Brasil” (New Haven, CT) – Indie Rock, Bedroom Pop

2. Crag Mask – “Stainer” (Hartford-New Haven, CT) – Post-Hardcore, Art Rock

3. Waveform – “Hazel” (Monroe, CT) – Indie Rock, 90s Revival

4. Daniprobably – “Suffering” (New Haven, CT) – Indie Rock, Dream Pop

5. Xavier Serrano – “All My Dollars” (New Haven, CT) – Folk Rock

6. Brain Bank – “Catch u” (Trumbull, CT) – R&B, Jazz, Rock

7. The Refectory – “Axe Eater” (Bethel, CT)

8. Spit Take – “Our Room” (New Haven, CT) – Punk Pop, Emo

9. Greetings – “K.I.E.” (Hartford, CT) – Psych Pop, Alternative Rock

10. Standby – “Librarians in Uproar” (Danbury, CT) – Alternative Rock

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