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Post-Hardcore Premiere: Mineva – The Wait (2019)

Perennial Mineva Split
Perennial and Mineva Split (2019)

Last Week, CT post-hardcore bands Perennial and Mineva announced they will be releasing a split EP featuring new music. Perennial’s new track “Landscape in Four Pieces” is already streaming over at NYC’s Post-Trash blog. Today, we are happy to share Mineva’s contribution, “The Wait”.

Recorded by Sam Stauff of their instrumental brethren Wess Meets West, “The Wait” sees Mineva branching out and trying new variation within their particular brand of post-hardcore. While previous highlights such as “Annually” and “Cassowary” often found the band flexing their elemental distortion at full throttle, “The Wait” reflects its title, holding back on the fierce dynamics the band is known for and allowing some emotional headspace to breath. The song opens with vocalist Kevin Covill setting the scene under an impassioned spotlight with a catchy directness previously unseen from this band. When Covill repeats it’s impassioned “don’t be long” refrain, the band once again unshackles itself in a satisfyingly cathartic release.

The Perennial and Mineva Split is out officially 3/15 on Howling Frequency Records. Listen to “The Wait” below:


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